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hezbollah military activities wikipedia - hezbollah has a military branch and is the sponsor of a number of lesser known groups some of which may be little more than fronts for hezbollah itself these groups include the organization of the oppressed the revolutionary justice organization the organization of right against wrong and followers of the prophet muhammad, the secret backstory of how obama let hezbollah off the hook - politico investigation an ambitious u s task force targeting hezbollah s billion dollar criminal enterprise ran headlong into the white house s desire for a nuclear deal with iran, hezbollah history overview jewish virtual library - hezbollah also known as the party of god is a radical shi a muslim group fighting against israel and western imperialism in lebanon the group does not recognize the legitimacy of the state of israel and it has labeled as a foreign terrorist organization fto by the u s state department since october 1997, terrorist organizations world statesmen - abu nidal organization ano fatah revolutionary council arab revolutionary brigades black september and revolutionary organization of socialist muslims 1974 the abu nidal organization ano fatah revolutionary, middle east news the jerusalem post - the region known as the middle east has been conquered and reconquered by every super power in the west this has created a region rich in a culture of resistance and thousands of ethnic groups, international news latest world news videos photos - get the latest international news and world events from asia europe the middle east and more see world news photos and videos at abcnews com, international news the jerusalem post - international news is all repots on stories involving politicians conflict and revolutions outside of the united states and israel that affect the world and the jewish state, in next war with hezbollah israel should look to 1967 - hezbollah today has an abundance of sophisticated weaponry from iran syria china and russia as is often pointed out in the media the group has more rockets than nearly all nato countries, lebanon government and society britannica com - lebanon government and society modern lebanon is a unitary multiparty republic with a parliamentary system of government its constitution promulgated in 1926 during the french mandate and modified by several subsequent amendments provides for a unicameral chamber of deputies renamed the national assembly in 1979 elected for a term of four years by universal adult suffrage women, why saad hariri had that strange sojourn in saudi arabia - saad hariri arriving at beirut s international airport last month weeks after announcing his resignation as lebanon s prime minister in saudi arabia, hezbollah allies score major gains in lebanon election - a supporter of hezbollah gestures as he holds a hezbollah flag in marjayoun lebanon on monday the militant group and its allies won more than a third of the 128 seats in lebanon s election, global terrorism and its impacts on national security do - uluslararas sosyal ara t rmalar dergisi the journal of international social research volume 1 5 fall 2008 global terrorism and its impacts on national security 549, the united states has not lost lebanon foreign policy - argument the united states has not lost lebanon despite hezbollah s strong election showing american policies are working and washington must stay the course