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sabouraud dextrose agar himedia labs - himedia laboratories technical data disposal user must ensure safe disposal by autoclaving and or incineration of used or unusable preparations of this product, baird parker agar base himedia labs - himedia laboratories technical data please refer disclaimer overleaf cultural response cultural response was observed after an incubation at 35 37 c for 24 48 hours, outbreak report the health press zambia - on october 6 2017 an outbreak of cholera was declared in zambia after laboratory confirmation of vibrio cholerae o1 biotype el tor serotype ogawa from stool specimens from two patients with acute watery diarrhea, archives the health press zambia znphi co zm - participants at the training zambia has experienced a number of cholera outbreaks since 1977 the most recent outbreak in 2017 2018 affected over 5 000 people claimed 114 lives and cost the country large sums of resources including money human resource and health systems