Phunny Stuph Proofreading Exercises With A Sense Of Humor -

amazon com find the errors proofreading activities - the ability to do basic reading and writing well is the absolute foundation for learning more complex tasks this educational manual is a very good basic instruction tool for assessing and improving the writing skills of anyone adults trainers and trainees group and independent students in or out of the classroom, test your proofreading prowess quiz bonus resources - can you answer these 10 tricky grammar questions correctly if so you are among the top 10 of smartypants worldwide i see these types of issues in my transcripts every day being able to spot this stuff is super key to success in the transcript proofreading business don t worry if you miss a few though, 21 resources and tools for proofreaders that make work - the court reporter s reference of commonly used words and phrases for all intensive intents and purposes this is a super handy book for helping identify the misuse of these words and phrases too update i am happy to announce that we have had the pleasure of interviewing the margie wakeman wells grammar and punctuation expert for the court reporting industry, our 8th and 11th 12th grade homeschool curriculum five j - one of the books i loved most when i was getting my ma ed was a book called you can t say you can t play by vivian paley i love this book