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prompt maternity evidence based multi professional - we are a registered charity aiming to reduce preventable harm for mothers and their babies through the promotion of education and research in maternity care, video how to use a partograph obstetric and neonatal - healthphone how to use a partograph english watch in french a vital tool for the care of every woman in labour the partograph is a graphic record of vital observations during the course of labour in order to assess its progress and carry out appropriate interventions if and when necessary, who onsite training of doctors midwives and nurses in - onsite training of doctors midwives and nurses in obstetric emergencies zimbabwe joanna f crofts a teclar mukuli b bobb t murove b solwayo ngwenya b sma mhlanga b meluleki dube b elton sengurayi b cathy winter a sharon jordan a sonia barnfield a heather wilcox a abi merriel c sabelo ndlovu d zedekiah sibanda e sikangezile moyo b wedu ndebele b tim j draycott a thabani sibanda f, intrapartum management of category ii fetal heart rate - there is currently no standard national approach to the management of category ii fetal heart rate fhr patterns yet such patterns occur in the majority of fetuses in labor, overview of the postpartum period physiology - headache characteristics warranting prompt evaluation degree blood loss and symptoms medications for treatment of symptomatic hemorrhoids in adults acog postpartum care plan components of postpartum care patients who should be asked about intimate partner violence dsm 5 criteria for a major depressive episode united states recommendations for cervical cancer screening